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26.09.13  Indigo Zangersheide approved

During the World Championships for Young Horses and the Belgian Championship the annual stallion approval was also held on the grounds of Stoeterij Zangersheide in Lanaken. Together with Stal Bosteels we presented our five year old Indigo van de Lindehoeve (Cicero Z x Heartbreaker). On Saturday morning he was the first to enter the ring for the saddle test. The very beautiful sorrel showed that besides his looks he also has a lot of power, elasticity and a reactive frontleg. He was rewarded with the approval for Studbook Zangersheide. Like that he became the third Z approved son of our Cicero next to Jaguar van Paemel and Cameron Z. Indigo is, like Jaguar, available at Stal Bosteels.

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17.09.13  Cicero's gain places of honour

While Cicero's still a while out of combat, his offspring remains to shine in different countries. During la Grande semaine de l'élevage de Fontainebleau the foreign born horses were in a different category. The six year old Balisto du Maillet (Cicero Z x Corland) jumped both qualifiers clear and placed him for the final. In which he became greatly 3rd under Max Thirouin. 

Also in France Himalaya van Paemel (Cicero Z x Skippy II) was 7th after a faultless jump-off in the 1m30 Grand Prix of CSI* Sancourt. She also stayed clear the day before in the 1m25 class under Geoffrey Cobbaut. Earlier this month the combination was also clear in the six year olds during CSI Auvers. Gellah III (Cicero Z x Epsom Gesmeray) was also present there. The mare was obviously in shape with a 2nd place in the final for the zeven year old horses and before a 7th place.

In Arezzo the Cicero son Goran was doing it well. Under Mariano Ossa he gained a 3rd and 9th place among the seven year old horses. Andrea Bartoletti on his turn saddled Hyakari (Cicero Z x Mont Royal xx) up, which resulted in a 4th and 8th place among the six year old horses.

Hummer (Cicero Z x Porsche de Bornival) and Jaime Guerra Piedra stayed double clear in the youngster tour in Roosendaal. Last week they were present at De Warre where the two star CSI Neeroeteren was held. He drawed attention by ending three days in the top ten in the classes for six year old horses.  He became 5th in the final and 4th and 10th by jumping double clear. Hero van de Roshoeve (Cicero Z x ) also stayed twice double clear under Marit Haarr Skollerud. 

Gautcho da Quinta (Cicero Z x Upsilon vd Heffinck) was 10th with Catherine Van Roosbroeck in a 1m30 class during the Flanders Horse Event in Beervelde. They were also double clear in a 1m35. During CSI Zandhoven the combination jumped double clear in a 1m35 and faultless in a 1m40 qualifier for the GP. Besides that Hot Topic (Cicero Z x Hattrick) was two days clear under Nina Fagerström in the youngster tour.


27.08.13  Kirr Royal 2nd in Médaille du Roi

During the annual Belgian Championships for Young Horses in Gesves the 'Médaille du Roi' is traditionnaly organized. This is the championship loose jumping for three year old horses. On Sunday the ten best performing horses were allowed to enter the final, including Kirr Royal van Paemel. The AES licensed stallion is the full brother of the approved stallions Gigolo, Inshallah and Jaguar van Paemel. Our Cicero Z van Paemel signed for the fatherhood in combination with the Sandro mare Sissi. The stunning Kirr Royal managed to convince on the jump and was awarded a great second place.

Copyright Equpics

31.07.13  Cicero offspring performs

In the Netherlands the CSI Zuidwolde was held the past two weeks. Some descendants of Cicero stood there out also. In the first week Frederico van Paemel (Cicero Z x Graf Grannus) performed great in the Grand Prix under Manuel Fernandez Saro. The duo gained a nice 4th place by jumping double clear. The day before they were also clear in the 1m40 class. With Gigolo Albert Zoer now also has a Cicero son under the saddle with who it seems to click. After their victory in the ZZ competition at CH Zuidenveld in June, the combination was in shape. On the first day they gained a 4th place in a 1m30, the next day a 7th place. The second week the Cicero x Quickfeuer vh Koekshof became nicely 3rd in a 1m40 class. The six year old Chapeau (Cicero Z x Guidam) jumped three days clear in the 1m20 classes under Bert-Jan Zuidema, with a 9th place on Friday. In the second week Chapeau went through a change of name to Cicero II. In the youngster tour he immediately gained a 4th place with Zuidema and was double clear the next day.

The now nine year old Ulysses van Paemel (Cicero Z x Feinschnitt I vd Richter) was in good shape during the CSI Dettighofen. Under the saddle of Fabian Gachnang he gained a 2nd, 5th and 7th place in the 1m40. Fenia van Klapscheut (Cicero Z x Ahorn Z) was with Marcel Marschall 8th and 10th in the class for seven- and eight year olds. 

During CSI Ascona Bonanza van Paemel (Darco x Sheyenne de Baugy) became nicely 5th in the 1m55 Grand Prix under the American Catherine Pasmore. The first day they didn't went to the jump-off due to a time penalty in the 1m50 class.

Albert Zoer - Gigolo © Roos Meertens

30.07.13  Cerits 2nd at Z-Festival, Ginnis day champion in Heusden

During the annual Z-Festival at the domain in Lanaken there were four descendants of our Cicero Z van Paemel present. The three year old Cerits vd Veldekenshoeve Z fell in the loose jumping. Cerits is a breeding prodcut of Emiel and Gert Malfliet and is now in property of Tessa Verschoren. The Cicero son out of the mare Goldfarm (Zandigo x Cartoonist xx) got a 18 for his power and 8 for gallop, leg technique and elasticity. Like that he was awarded a 2nd place by the international jury, formed by Harm Thormählen, Ulrich Kasselman and Xavier Leredde.

For the four year old horses there was a competition in which they not only had to jump clear, but the top ten was also judged. The Zangersheide approved Cameron Z (Cicero Z x Caretano Z) did not only jump clear under Nicole Caris, he was also rewarded with a 7th place. Cameron is in property of Stal Peters and was bred by M. Van Der Bruggen. Also clear was the by B. Vink bred Calero Z (Cicero Z x Sandro Z) under Bart Van Oojen, who is in property of Stal Everse and Casaleo Z (Cicero Z x Nelson Z) with breeder/owner Robby Schils. They both became joint 11th.

The exterior testing of Heusden was dominated by two Cicero's. The beautiful Ginnis van 't Geyzeven (Cicero Z x Heureka de la Loge) won the class for mares of six year and older. She was furthermore crowned as the 'day champion'. Ginnis is a breeding product of Boudewijn Schepers. The class for three year old mares was won by the handsome Kien van Koekshof. This Cicero Z x Contender was bred by Jaak Evens.

Cerits vd Veldekenshoeve Z

28.07.13  Icarus VW winner cycle

Among the five year old horses the by the brothers Van Wassenhoven bred Icarus VW (Cicero Z van Paemel x Clinton) became the first winner of the cycle. Under the saddle of Peter Boelens Icarus jumped 10 clear rounds, what means the victory in the classic cycle. Ichiban van de Sluishoeve (Cicero Z x Papi de la Lande) jumped with Marc Bellemans seven clear rounds. The mare Chilhac de Macheco (E.T.) (Cicero Z x Darco) stayed clear under Juan-Pablo Van Der Haegen in Pottes, Hulsterlo, Basècles and Gèsves. Chilhac was bred by Ecurie du Morteuil. Ciceron Chavannais (Cicero Z x Ogano Sitte) stayed twice clear in Basècles and once again at Gèsves. The SBS'er jumped with Christophe Leutenez and was bred by Yvan Evrard.

The four year old Jeepiler (Cicero Z x Skippy II) from breeder Walter Konings jumped faultless rounds in Aalter, Basècles and Moerzeke under the saddle of Alexandra Stares. Je T'Adore Cicero Di Cabra (Cicero Z x Idaho) was clear in Moorsele with breeder Sandra Carboni.

The six year old Hamlet van de Lindehoeve (Cicero Z x Heartbreaker) was bred by Schruers-Awouters and is the full brother of our approved Indigo. With Stefanie Verbeke he was five times double clear. Hypnose (Cicero Z x Goliath), bred by Philip Verbergt, jumped under Nadege Janssen double clear in Pottes and twice in Basècles. 

The seven year old Geronimo van 't Moleke (Cicero Z x Equitop De Moyon) was double clear in Courrière with a 7th place and also in Meerdonk. This under the saddle of Nick Van Laer. Geronimo was bred by Delcloo-Devroey.

Icarus VW

08.07.13  Eclipse 3rd in Geesteren, Honey the most beautiful one in Tienen

At the two star CSI at Geesteren the nine year old Eclipse was clearly in shape. The Cicero Z van Paemel x Skippy II daughter gained under James Peeters a great 3rd place in the 1m45 Grand Prix. Only six combinations managed to stay clear and were allowed to go to the jump-off, in which James played safe and collected a few time penalities with Eclipse. They day before they also jumped to a 3rd place in the 1m40 qualifier.

In Mons a new competition took place where they also forsaw some classes for young horses. Gellah III (Cicero Z x Epsom Gesmeray) and Christophe Vanderhasselt became nicely 3rd in the final on Saturday. On the first day they also were 8th after a double clear round.  Gautcho da Quinta (Cicero Z x Upsilon vd Heffinck) managed to jump the three days faultless with Catherine Van Roosbroeck, but fell out of the top ten.

The seven year old Goika van de Paardenhoeven (Cicero Z x Victor vh Plutoniahof) was doing well at Sancourt. With Thierry Goffinet Goika became 4th in a 1m30 class and 8th in a 1m25, this after a clear round.

At the exterior testing in Tienen Honey (Cicero Z x Pavarotti vd Helle) won the class for five and six year old horses. With this she was chosen the third time in a row as the most beautiful of Tienen. Honey is in property of Vincent Coppens. On a 4th place stood Iron Lady (Cicero Z x Darco) from Hilaire Donvil. 
In Wambeek Lunatique van de Kwakenbeek (Cicero Z x Quidam de Revel) from Jos Hendrickx became third in the class for two year old mares.
The beautiful Jamaican Sun (Cicero Z x Sierappel) from Raf and Sofie Van Dijck-De Cat gained a second place in the four year old mares at the exterior testing of Geluwe.


01.07.13  Cicero offspring inter-nationaal

During the CHIO Rotterdam Gautcho da Quinta (Cicero Z van Paemel x Upsilon vd Heffinck) started with Catherine Van Roosbroeck in the 1m45 proef and jumped a double clear round. The seven year old gelding was again twice clear in the 1m40 class the next day. Balisto du Maillet (Cicero Z x Corland) was in excellent shape during the CSI Canteleu. He won no less than the 3 classes that were on the program for the six year old horses. With Max Thirouin he also became 3rd last week in a 1m30 class in Fontainbleau, where there were classes for young horses too. The first day he was joint first after a clear round. At the CSI in Vlamertinge Himalaya van Paemel (Cicero Z x Skippy II) gained a 4th place in de final for the six year olds under Geoffrey Cobbaut. The day before she was also clear. Gellah III (Cicero Z x ) & Christophe Vanderhasselt were double clear on the first day in the class for six and seven year olds. Just like Hypnose (Cicero Z x ) & Nadège Janssen. Fenia van Klapscheut (Cicero Z x Ahorn Z) debuted with her new rider, Marcel Marschall, in Pforzheim. The combination was three days faultless in 1m35 competitions. 

Gigolo van Paemel (Cicero Z x Sandro) went with Dirk Demeersman to Stal Hulsterlo in Meerdonk where the Gold League took place. In this 1m30 class the BWP approved stallion jumped a great clear round in which he displayed his scope. Gina (Cicero Z x Nagano) also was clear under Nick Vrins. With the other approved stallion Galisco van Paemel (Cicero Z x Feinschnitt I vd Richter) Nick became 10th in the 1m40 class after a clear jump-off.

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Balisto du Maillet

09.06.13  Gigolo 4th with Dirk Demeersman

Previous month Cicero Z van Paemel was present in the French La Baule. On Friday Cicero earned a 10th place in the 1m45 class, but later on we found that he suffered from a minor injury. Consequently, he has to stay low for a while. The past few weeks Dirk Demeersman was out with a couple of young horses, including the now seven year old Gigolo van Paemel. This stunning Cicero son recently came back under the saddle of Dirk and it seems that they click. Last week in Duisburg he got a fault in the jump-off in the 1m30 after being a little bit surprised by an oblique turn. On Thursday they stayed double clear in the 1m25 in Kuringen. To end the weekend well, a super jumping Gigolo gained a great 4th place in 's Gravenwezel after a clear inclosed jump-off. This on more than 100 participants that entered the 1m30 class. Eclipse (Cicero Z x Skippy II) and James Peeters followed on a 5th place.

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Photo by Hilde Demeersman

29.04.13  Cicero wins small GP Antwerp

Last week the four stars jumping of Antwerp took once again place at the Rijnkaai. In the 1m50 small Grand Prix Cicero and Dirk managed to qualifiy for the jump-off, after a great clear round. Due to the strong competitors field a total of 16 combinations jumped a clear round. Cicero and Dirk were the 7th to go ahead and had to improve the sharp time of Wilm Vermeir. Dirk went for the victory and a super jumping Cicero not only stayed clear but also improved the time with a second. That way the combinations gained their first victory on Antwerp soil. In the Grand Prix they started good, but a miscommunication between horse and rider caused that they could not repeat their great result of the previous day.

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12.04.13  Successful Z-Tour

For the first time the 'Z-Tour' was organized at domain Zangersheide in Lanaken. Dirk Demeersman went together with our Cicero Z van Paemel and Esperanto van Paemel. For Esperanto it was mainly for learning. He was the first day clear, and got the following days a couple of faults. Cicero jumped during the 6 days all the 1m45 classes and proved that he's in shape by his regularity. Cicero and Dirk gained either a place of honor or a bad luck fault. On Wednesday they immediately managed to qualify for the jump-off, in which they became 9th. On Friday they also stayed faultless, which yielded them an 8th place. In the Grand Prix on Monday they were one of the 12 combinations for the jump-off. Cicero got a fault along the way, but they were nicely placed 7th.

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02.04.13  Cicero 2nd and 3rd, Gigolo at 'groentenjumping'

As a preparation for the outdoor season Dirk Demeersman went with i.a. our Cicero Z van Paemel to Moorsele. The beautiful grey stallion felt great and he gained a 2nd and 3rd place in the 1m40 qualifiers by fluent rounds with short turns.

Jody Bosteels took Gigolo van Paemel and Hawaï van Paemel along to CSI St.-Katelijne-Waver, better known as the 'Groentenjumping'. Hawaï, the full sister of Esperanto, started in dthe classes for six year old horses. The mare stayed clear on the first day, just like the second with also a faultless jump-off. It was the first real jumping for Gigolo after an injury. Therefore he calmy jumped the 1m20 classes, what resulted in some time penalities on the first day. The last day the super jumping BWP approved stallion got a time penalty in the jump-off.

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Gigolo van Paemel

22.03.13  Cicero offspring performs

In the middle of February the 19th edititon of the five weeks during Sunshine Tour van started. Grand Cru van Paemel (Cicero Z x Silvio I) caught attention under the saddle of Guy Williams. In the classes for 7 year old horses the gelding gained after two clear rounds with a clear jump-off once the victory and another 3rd place. Besides that he also became thrice joint first. In th final the duo was nicely 4th. In that same class Circe vd Smis Z (Cicero Z x Skippy II) stayed thrice double clear with Dimitri Berestov. The five year old Cicero Barelière Z (Cicero Z x Concorde) stayed clear over the three rounds, but got one time penalty under Ismael Garcia Roque the first week. He obviously attracted attention, because in the following weeks, he appeared under the saddle of Manuel Añon. With him he became 10th and stayed once again five times clear, but got a time penalty and twice a fault in the jump-off.

In the Atlantic Tour in Vilamoura the seven year old Grandis van de Lindehoeve (Cicero Z x Heartbreaker), the full brother of our approved Indigo, jumped with Louise Saywell. The past four weeks they were twice 10th and stayed another three times clear.

Next to it there was also the Mediterranean Equestrian Tour in Oliva. There jumped the six year old Hot Topic (Cicero Z x Hattrick) itself in the picture under Nina Fagerström. This combinatieon stayed three times clear at the MET I. Last week at MET II she was faultless and another double clear.

The Toscana Tour in Arezzo started previous week. The six year old Hyakari (Cicero Z x Mont Royal) gained a great 4th place this week with the Italian Matteo Zamana and also jumped clear the next day.

In the PAVO stallion competition Galisco van Paemel (Cicero Z x Feinschnitt I vd Richter) did it excellent! The BWP approved stallion became 2nd in the final rankings with Nick Vrins. He managed to be victorious in Gèsves, became 2nd in 't Overdijk and in the final and was 3rd in 's Gravenwezel. Indigo van de Lindehoeve (Cicero Z x Heartbreaker) jumped also a clear round at the WEN, in 's Gravenwezel and Gèsves.

Hot Topic

03.03.13  Terms and conditions 2013

You can consult the terms and conditions of our six stallions for 2013 below. For Cicero and Esperanto there is only frozen semen available. This year Gigolo is again available with fresh semen, just like Jaguar, Kingston and Indigo.

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05.02.13  Jaguar clear, Galisco overwhelming

Our Zangersheide approved Jaguar van Paemel made its debut this weekend under the saddle. This stunning son of Cicero Z van Paemel by our Sandro mare Sissi left a very good impression after the first heat of the pavo stallion competition. Under the saddle of Jody Bosteels Jaguar attracted attention by showing his power and by jumping a clear round with his beautiful technique. 

The other Cicero son, Galisco van Paemel, also keeps on stepping in the limelight. He already did it great at Mechelen with a second place in the six year old stallion class. The now seven year old Galisco continues the good work and stranded again on a second place after a clear jump-off with Nick Vrins at the BWP hengstengala. This was also his result in 't Overdijk, during the stallion competition where the powerful stallion became second.

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16.01.13  Elita wins VSN Trofee!

Two weeks ago the final of the VSN Trophy was held in the Netherlands, more specific in Lunteren. This trophy for three year old horses is known to be an opportunity to see some young, promising horses. This year the first place went to Elita, a daughter of Cicero Z van Paemel by the Holsteiner mare Calita (v.Cardino). 'Elita is a striking mare who immediately draws attention to her with her blood appearance and outstanding color.  She is now in property of breeder Tony van Santen and Faan Pompen. "She is only three months under the saddle and when you see how quickly she takes it in, that's great. A bloody horse that's super willing to cooperate." said Christel van der Schans, who presented the mare. "She is extremely careful and gives a very good feeling. You never know of course, but I think she can become a very good showjumping horse." Elita received a 9 for print and scope and a 8,7 for her good gallop. She jumps quickly from the ground and seems very careful and has much 'go'.' (J. van Tartwijk, De Paardenkrant, 9/01/2013). Pieter Kersten and Wout Jan van der Schans judged the showjumpers, who were ridden by Wout Jan van der Schans in the final. Pieter Kersten: "Elita is a blood horse to see with a very good gallop, light-footed with a lot of space in the movements but not always easy in the bridle. She has very good reflexes and opens very well on the jump. Has a lot of scope, accelerates good to the front and is a very modern sport horse. With Wout Jan the bridle became better and Wout Jan got a very good feeling on the mare." She began the final with a total score of 42.3 and Kersten and Van der Schans added a 9.5 which made a score of 51,8 at the end. (NRR voor KWPN,