31.12.09  Cicero 7th in Rolex FEI World Cup!

Wednesday, December 30 at 4 o'clock the World Cup of Mechelen began. Lucien Somers had build a demanding course for the 40 strong combinations. As Bert Prouvé said on Sporza: "I definitely think that the course is on the World Cup level: a classic course, heavy oxers which are very broad. It will certainly be the horses with a lot of power who will come up here."
As 14th our own Cicero Z van Paemel appeared at the start with Dirk Demeersman. After his course on Monday, Cicero showed again his qualities. He had put up a breathtaking clear round. Only 8 combinations were able to place theirselves for the jump-off, including 3 Belgians: Yves Vanderhasselt (Adamo van't Steenputje), Patrick Mc Entee (Ever Mury Marais Z) and Dirk Demeersman with Cicero. They were the 2nd to start in the barrage in which one bar fell down.
Dirk Demeersman and Cicero ended on an amazing 7th place in his 1st World Cup.

Click here for the video.


29.12.09  Cicero 7th in qualification World Cup

5 months after his fall in San Patrignano Cicero made his comeback at the highest level. On Monday he took part at the CSI5* Mechelen in the 1m50 class that was a qualification for the World Cup on Wednesday. Cicero started as the 16th in a strong competitorsfield. He jumped a fantastic clear round without even coming close to the wood. There were 21 combinations who knew to qualify them for the barrage. Only 7 combinations were able to have a clear round. Also Cicero had a double clear round and he had a great 7th place.

Click here for the video.

28.12.09  Esperanto van Paemel in Mechelen

On Sunday the stallion division for the 4-, 5- and 6-year olds took place in Jumping Mechelen. Che Guevara van Paemel (v. Carthago by Betina) was the last to start in the 4-year olds. Ridden by Nick Vrins he had a clear round and that he was last but not least he proved by heading for home with the cup. Of course Esperanto van Paemel was also present. He participated in the 5-year old stallion division and he had a double clear round.

Click here for Esperanto's video.

23.12.09  Our best wishes
04.12.09  Gibson AES France approved

On Wednesday, November 25 the AES France stallion approval took place. Gibson, Cicero Z van Paemel by Amaretti Z (Amadeus Z x Ramiro Z), entered this expertise. This 3-year old stallion managed to charm the members of the jury and got his approval.
After Feingluk de Guldenboom, Frederico van Paemel, Galisco van Paemel and Graffiti van de Worfthoeve is this the 5th son of Cicero who is approved.

Gibson Gibson

15.11.09  Cicero descendants rule Broechem

On November 11th there was a loose jumping competition organised by Broechem. There were also some 3-year old descendants of Cicero. The mare G-String van Puyenbroeck (Cicero x Silvio) in property of Jan Vermeiren impressed the members of the jury and she did not only achieve a score of 82 but she also gained the victory. Gazelle van Moretus (Cicero x Sheyenne de Baugy, Ann Lauwers)  showed a great power and became 3rd. On the 5th place we found Garmex van Mawo, a Cicero son out of a Blauer Vogel mare of Steven Matthijs and Kelly Wouters. And also the 10th place was taken by Gallah III in property of Jos Wuyts out of the combination Cicero x Epsom Gesmeray.

08.11.09  Cicero had a flying start at Luik

It went like a bomb for Dirk Demeersman and Cicero Z van Paemel in Luik. After a period of rest and a minor injury Cicero appeared at the start in a 1m35 class straight on time. Dirk went for a calm ride and they still achieved a 13th place. On Saturday he was again in on a 1m40 class with an accumulator against the clock. Dirk felt that everything was fine and with a quick faultless round they gained a 4th place after Deusser, Wathelet and Bosteels. Sunday Cicero participated in a 1m40 class and he was again clear with a time that was good for a 9th place. In short it was a more than successful weekend for Dirk and Cicero!

Click here for the video of Saturday.
Click here for the video of Sunday.

05.11.09  Cicero daughter ex aequo in Affligem 

Like every year in November there is the loose jumping for the 2- and 3-year old horses during the Week van het Paard in Affligem. 199 horses passed in review including the 2-year Himalaya van Paemel (Cicero x Skippy II) owned by Julie Van De Voorde. A score of 230 proved that Himalaya managed to charm the jury. In the mare division she was ex aequo winner together with H Blue Boy (Blue Boy x Athlet Z, De Cock Julie). On 128  2-year old horses she obtained a more than reasonable 3rd place, with Arko De Houti Z (Asca Z x Landadel, Houdaert Vanessa) as winner.

30.10.09  Coronel Z at Danish International Sales

Coronel Z (Cicero x Caprilli) was selected for the Danish International Sales during CSI Odense. That he showed his best side, was proven by the sale price. He was sold for no less a sum than 110.000 DDK (± € 14.780) to a Danish stable. Last year his full brother Cuverdo Z was brought under the hammer for an amount of € 18.125 on that same auction.

26.10.09  Barbarossa wins Grand Prix CSI 4* Caserta

The 8-year old Darco son of Quechua, Barbarossa van Paemel, participated in the 4 star competition of Caserta in Italy. Ridden by his French rider Aldrick Cheronnet he started Sunday in the Grand Prix. They were the only combination who were faultless over the two rounds and therefore they have won the Grand Prix.

18.10.09  Winona van Paemel and Steve Guerdat don't miss their debut

Today Winona van Paemel (v. Darco, uit Quechua), who is since a couple of weeks ridden by the Swiss top rider Steve Guerdat, gained her first result. They are present at the CSI-W Helsinki where they competed in the International Speed Championships today. Winona was ranked a great 8th place, what promises for the future.

13.10.09  Barbarossa van Paemel in La Mandria

The first weekend of October was more than successful for Aldrick Cheronnet and Barbarossa van Paemel. In Italy the CSI3* La Mandria took place. Barbarossa managed to qualify for the Grand Prix on Sunday. He finished up at a great 4th place behind winner Michel Robert (Kronos d'Ouilly).

05.10.09  Renewed website

Welcome to the new website of Stoeterij van Paemel.
We hope you enjoy viewing it.

I would also like to ask all of you who have descendants of Cicero that if u have any pictures of your Cicero descendants, please send them to us and we will put them as soon as possible on the site. Also if u have older offspring u can send photos, so we can update the foals with recent pictures.

17.09.09  More success

In Limburg, particularly in Bocholt 'van de Bien' was successful with J'adore van de Bien (Cicero x Skippy II) who became 2nd with the foals and Hera van de Bien (Cicero x Feo) who became 4th with the 2 year olds. Goldina van 't Heideveld (Cicero x Bon Ami) obtained also a 4th place at the B series of the 3 year olds. Further Goldina also gained a great 3rd place in the free jumping and a 4th place on exterior in the provincial of Limburg. Where Ginnis van 't Geyzeven (Cicero x Heureka de la Loge) also scored a 3rd place. At Tienen the 2 year old Honey (Cicero x Pavarotti van de Helle, Coppens Vincent) obtained a beautiful 2nd place and Jamaican Sun (Cicero x Sierappel, Raf & Sofie van Dijck) became 3rd. Honey also was placed 4th at the provincial of Vlaams Brabant. In Wambeek Jamaica de My (Cicero x Slaney, Mathot - Piens Micheline & Ronny) was granted a 2nd place  and Italo de My (Cicero x Slaney) was victorious with the yearlings. At Pittem  Iksen van 't Hooit (Cicero x Nonstop, Vandewiele Chris) achieved a great 3rd place. And last but not least Joelia van Steenkerke (Cicero x Bis de la Mare, Vilain Jan) became 4th in Oostvleteren.

At Gesves, at the 'Medaille du Roi' Agwendoline du Feu (Cicero x River Smile xx) finished 6th. Agwendoline is the full sister of Chivas van Paemel, a 5 year old son of Cicero. Chivas who did well in the cycle, was also selected for the qualifications for the final of the 5 year olds. Due to 2 faults, because of loss of concentration, he didn't attend the final.

07.09.09  Graceful and Goran top on Fences

From 2nd till 5th September the elite-auction 'Fences' took place. Among descendants of Indoctro, Diamant de Semilly, Chin Chin, Calvaro, Quidam de Revel,... there where also 2 descendants of Cicero.
Gracefull W (Cicero x Quickfeuer v Koekshof x Guidam), a 3 year old BWP mare, showed her qualities and her flexibility. Gracefull was sold on 3rd September for not less than € 48.000 and therefore she was the auction winner of that day. She was sold to England. Also Goran van de Ossezak (Cicero x Littorio x Pachat II) was allowed to fall in the last day of the auction. This 3 year old son of Cicero showed as well his power and he was also sold for an amount of € 48.000.

Click here for the video of Gracefull W
Click here for the video of Goran vd Ossezak

17.08.09  Offspring scores points

Most of the regions in Belgium organize in July/August an exterior testing and in the results we find descendants of Cicero on numerous honored places.
At Geel in the B-series was the beautiful Jambla van het Eelshof (Cicero x Remondo, Mertens Wim & Tom) victorious, followed up by Jakarta van de Roshoeve (Cicero x Nagano, Roshoeve) and in the A-series Jinge van de Kopshoeven (Cicero x Burggraaf, Poets Jozef) was placed 3rd. Further Irina van 't Schriek (Cicero x Remondo, Lommelen Octaaf) gained a great 3rd place among the yearlings.
Furthermore in Oud-Turnhout Jutha van de Heikenshoeve (Cicero x Quorum de Laubry, Blockx Jan) was granted a 4th place.

 copyright Galop.be

14.08.09  Ciska confirms

Today Ciska van Paemel Z was present in Gesves, for the 2nd qualification for the Belgian Championship. Ridden by Filip Lacus, she jumped a great clear round.

Click here for the video.

13.08.09  Ciska out of time

The place to be this week is Gesves, where the Belgian Championship for Young Horses finds place. Yesterday the 5 year old horses have jumped their first qualification. Ciska van Paemel Z was selected for this qualification. Ciska jumped a great clear round but in their enthusiasm they lost against the clock what resulted in one time penalty.

Click here for the video.

05.08.09  Esperanto at Gesves

Yesterday Esperanto van Paemel entered the qualification for 5 year olds at  Gesves. Esperanto was on top form so he had no problem with this technical class. He had a clear round and was in time. Esperanto showed us that he has a lot to offer. If you want to see it, click here.


02.08.09  Great result at BWFA

The Belgian Warmblood Foal Auction at the Flanders Horse Event in Beervelde has become a real tradition. Among the 23 selected foals was a Cicero-descendant. Janina (Cicero Z x Caresino x Corrado I) made it clear that she wasn't only good-looking but also proved that she had great movements. Janina's grandmother is the mother of Contact vd Heffinck and her great-grandmother signed for the motherhood of the famous Clinton. This Cicero-daughter was sold for the amount of € 14.000.


30.07.09  Facts and figures

Our breeding stallion Cicero Z van Paemel is estimated by the breeders. In 2008 he had more descedants than all the other BWP stallions in the studbook.


20.07.09  Cicero 6th in CSI 5* San Patrignano

After a short break Cicero was present at the sunny San Patrignano together with Tymoon.  The first day Cicero didn't keep his mind on the lesson, what resulted in 2 faults. But on the second day Cicero was in the right rhythm. They participated in a 1m45 class in which they had a clear round. In the jump-off Cicero was again faultless and they finished 6th.

For the clear round click here.

13.07.09  Barbarossa van Paemel on the international level

Last month Barbarossa van Paemel, the 8 year old Darco-gelding out of Quechua, has achieved a couple of honored places at international jumpings ridden by Aldrick Cheronnet. Yesterday Barbarossa participated in the Grand Prix of CSI*** Vichy. The quickest time, but one fault resulted in a 3rd place.

Earlier this month at the CSI** San Sebastian Barbarossa competed in the Grand Prix. In this GP he succeeded together with Guy Goosen (Tinka's Son) in having 2 clear rounds. With a small difference of 0.07 seconds he gained the 2nd place.

And that's not all. On 19th June Barbarossa and Cheronnet were present at the CSI*** Vidauban. The first day they entered a 1m50 class and they immediately  obtained the 1st place.

27.06.09  Esperanto in Moorsele

Yesterday Esperanto van Paemel was present in Moorsele. In the first round the mighty Nonstop-son jumped a clear round. In the second round he had for the first time this year a fault what kept him out of the jump-off.


22.06.09  Video Linz available

When Cicero was present in Linz, he received a great 2nd place in the Championat of Linz. The video is now available.

Click here for the video of Linz.

20.06.09  Cicero 6th in Championat Nörten-Hardenberg

This weekend Cicero is present in Germany. Today he participated at the Championat in CSI Nörten-Hardenberg. Cicero jumped a great clear round. In this 1m50 class, which was a qualification for the Grand Prix,  there were 7 of the 47 combinations that participated in the jump-off. Cicero gained a 6th place and he's qualificated for the GP.


07.06.09  Cicero in CSIO Rome, Esperanto in Heusden

Last weekend Cicero was present at the prestigious CSIO Rome. The first day Cicero and Dirk had a beautiful clear round, but they had 3 time penalties. In the nations cup Cicero was on the way to having a clear round, but on the last line had 2 faults on the double. While Cicero was getting experience between the 'big boys', his half-brother Esperanto van Paemel jumped a double clear round in Heusden.

Click here for the pictures of CSIO Rome.
Click here for a compilation video of Rome.

20.05.09  Ciska van Paemel once again clear

Yesterday the circuit was situated in Aalter. Ciska van Paemel participated at that competition and she jumped once again a great clear round.

Ciska van Paemel

16.05.09  Cicero 2nd Championat of Linz

Saturday Cicero obtained a 2nd place in the qualification of the Grand Prix in CSIO**** Linz. The Championat was a 1m55 class and during the jump-off Dirk didn't take many risks so he ended up at a 2nd place. And this in the middle of the breeding season.

© galop.be

11.05.09  Ciska van Paemel again clear in circuit of young horses

The first limited offspring of Cicero are now 5 years old. Today Ciska van Paemel (Cicero x Campus) jumped at Gčsves in the circuit of young horses, and again she had a clear round. Click here for the video.

06.05.09  We remember Cicero

"Cicero has an enormous jumping ability, and that's the basic principle of a Grand Prix horse." dixit Stanny van Paesschen. Cicero jumped the Grand Prix last Sunday in Lummen. He had one mistake but that didn't prevent him from showing his qualities. On Sporza they already deciced the following: "Dirk should not be disappointed because it will not take that long anymore, this horse is ready. Appointment next year when he will jump 2 clear rounds in the nations cup." "We remember Cicero." 
Click here to see the video.

02.05.09  Cicero 7th CSIO**** Lummen 1m50

After being 4 weeks in competition, Cicero is still in good shape. He participated both Friday and Saturday in 1m50-divisions at CSIO Lummen. On Friday he jumped a beautiful flawless round. A fault on the last obstacle of the jump-off made him fall back from the 2nd to the 7th place. 
Click here for the video.

Yesterday he started in the qualification for the GP. Despite a fault he could qualify. Only a few combinations could participate at the jump-off and once more Cicero proved he can be quick. Today he will start in the GP - 1m60.

Cicero - CSIO Lummen

29.04.09  Pictures Jumping Antwerp & CSI Lummen

After 3 weeks of competition, we have collecte some nice photos. There are pictures of Jumping Antwerp and CSI Lummen available.

Cicero - Hilde Demeersman

27.04.09  Cicero did well at Jumping Antwerp

This weekend Cicero was present at Jumping Antwerp. On Friday he jumped the qualification of the Grand Prix - 1m50. It was a fantastic clear round.
Click here to see the video.
Sunday he participated at the GP again he did it in a good way, but one fault kept him out of the barrage. The next challenge will be CSIO Lummen.

21.04.09  Esperanto double clear in Broechem, Cicero 2 times clear in Lummen

After the succes last week in Lummen, Esperanto continued with his winning mood in Broechem. In the circuit for young horses he made two clear qualifications and a clear jump-off. Click here for the video.
The son of Esperanto's sister, Che Guevara made also two clear  rounds in the circuit for 4 year old horses.
Cicero was again present in Lummen. He was two days clear in the 1m40 divisions. The last day in the Grand Prix, he made a very nice round eventhough he had a fault on the first and last obstacle.

13.04.09  Esperanto three clear rounds on three participations  in Lummen, Cicero two clear rounds

The half brothers Cicero van Paemel and Esperanto van Paemel ware both present at CSI Lummen this weekend. Esperanto jumped the divisions of the 5 year olds. He made nice clear rounds in as well the qualifications as the final and finished ex eaquo first. Cicero did the big class on thursday and the 1m35 class on Friday. In both classes he made very nice clear rounds. In the Grand Prix on Sunday he lost a little the concentration after the river which resulted in two faults.

07.04.09  Oldest Cicero foals successful in circuit young horses

In 2004 only 7 products of Cicero were born. Two of them are doing the circuit of young horses in Belgium. This weekend they were both present in the national circuit of 5 year old horses in Chatelet and they both made a very nice clear round.  Ciska van Paemel (Cicero x Campus) is riden by Filip Lacus and Chivas van Paemel (Cicero x River Smile) by Pieter Goyvaerts. Chivas did already the circuit in Wisbecq last week where he also made a clear round.

29.03.09  Esperanto and Galisco van Paemel BWP approved

Esperanto van Paemel (Nonstop x Randel Z), half-brother of Cicero, as well as Galisco van Paemel (Cicero x Feinschnitt) are approved for the BWP studbook. Esperanto is already 5 year old and already showed to be a good jumper. He made only clear rounds in the LRV circuit of 4 year old horses and already this year he won the stallion competition in Lier as well as the jumping for 5 year old horses in Panhof (on 200 participants). Galisco van Paemel is a son of Cicero out of his first breeding season in BWP. He also is approved for the BWP studbook.
On Friday evening there was a stallion competition at the BWP studbook. Che Guevara van Paemel (Carthago x Darco), a son of the sister of Esperanto and Cicero, made once again a clear round.

03.03.09  Esperanto wins again!

After a magnificent victory in Lier, Esperanto won again in Panhof. He made clear rounds in the qualifications as well as in the final and the jump-off. But more important was the way that Esperanto jumped. Out of 200 horses the jury chose him as the winner.
His cousin Che Guevara van Paemel, (a Carthago son out of Esperanto's siter Betina) made clear rounds in the qualifications as well as the final.
Esperanto's halfbrother Cicero also had a good weekend. At CSI**** Bremen he jumped good which brought him the qualification for the Grand Prix. In the Grand Prix he jumped realy good but he had one fault. Only three participants were clear at this prestigious GP. By clicking
this link you can watch the course of Cicero at the GP of Bremen bekijken (+/- 13:30 min)


17.02.09  Esperanto wins stallion competition Lier

At the winter equestrian nights in Lier Esperanto made once again a very good competition. He made again a clear round and was qualified for the jump-off. Without going crazy, he made a fast clear round and won the competition. Also Che Guevara, a son of Carthago out of the halfsister of Cicero and Esperanto (by Darco), made a clear round and won the competition of the 4 year old stallion with Nick Vrins.

13.02.09  Graffit vd Citadel wins free jumping at the Open Vlaams Brabantse rijpaardenshow
Graffit (Cicero x Palestro) has won past Saturday the free jumping competition of the Open Flemish Horse Show. This Son of Cicero, bred by Rik Beelen, finished last year 3rd at this competition. This year he was more relax so he could show the great jumping capacities he has. Grey Mist, also a son of Cicero (out of a Pavarotti mare), bred by Donvil, finished 4th.

13.02.09  Winona makes impression

Cicero's niece Winona van Paemel (by Darco) is jumping very good. At the CSI of Manerbio, she won the small Grand Prix as well as the 1m40-division the first day with Ignace Philips. Last week she finished also 4th at the Grand Prix of Truccazzano. Winona's mother and Cicero's mother are sisters.

02.02.09  Esperanto shows again his jumping skills at stallion competition in Moerzeke

After successful appearances at the BWP stallion approval, Esperanto shows again his jumping skills at the first division of the stallion competition in Moerzeke. He made a very nice clear round and was qualified for the jump off. We want to build him up carefully so Nick made with him a nice second clear round without touching the fences but one penalty for time. Esperanto is a son of Nonstop out of the same mother of Cicero van Paemel.

18.01.09  Breeding farm 'van Paemel' passes succesful times at the BWP approval

This year we went with our very promising young stallion Esperanto van Paemel to the BWP approval. Esperanto is a son of Nonstop out of the mother of Cicero. Esperanto showed to be a stallion with the right expression and the good jumping skills. Also the jury was pleased by his scope and quality and approved him. He will do now the stallion competition and we will see him again at the third phase in Oud-Heverlee. Esperanto was not the only breeding product of our stable who was present at the approval. Galisco van Paemel, bred by Cicero x Feinschnitt x Carneval, showed elastic movements and great jumping abilities. The jury and the Belgian public liked him which made that also Galisco is approved by the BWP studbook.


02.01.09  Goldpie van Koekshof makes good impression at free jumping competition Mechelen

Goldpie van Koekshof (Cicero x Lys de Darmen) was the only product of Cicero that participated at the free jumping competition for 2 year old horses at CSI Mechelen. He jumped very good and finished 8th on 65 competitors. He had a 9,5 for scope and technique and 9 for power and counter. Goldpie is bred and owned by Jacques Evens.

copyright picture: www.tempsdeposes.be
After several weeks of good results at high level shows, Cicero did not have the best weekend in Mechelen. He's only eight so he needs experience to perform constantly on this level. Even with two faults, he showed some nice things at the Grand Prix.