Cicero stands for a new challenge

After a surgery we took the decision together with his rider Dirk Demeersman and the veterinarians to end Cicero’s sports carreer early. That this was a very hard decision, both professionaly and emotionally,  is obvious. Cicero is not just a horse, he is more than that, he is a “once is a lifetime” horse. He is a part of our family and definitely one of his rider Dirk. According to Dirk the best years of Cicero were yet to come, what makes it all more difficult. We would have loved some more time, but it turned out otherwise. 2013 appeared to be his year, with his victory in the small Grand Prix at Antwerp as his first important item. He was going to jump some nations cups in the months after La Baule, in short there were more than plans enough. But in La Baule he suffered from a minor muscle injury. What seemed to be no big problem, brought other thing to the surface. His recovery went with difficulty and as long as Cicero was not super fit, Dirk did not want to compete with him, with the deepest respect for Cicero. In the end Cicero had to be operated what makes a comeback impossible.

Year after year we saw the list of rewards of Cicero grow. Among other things his beautiful victory in the Grand Prix of Aalst, the first place in the Sires of the World in Mechelen, the victory in Dublin over 2m05, his first World Cup that he jumped clear in Mechelen... These are a few moments that are engraved in oud memory. Thank you Dirk! You always believed in Cicero and you brought him at the highest level. You have spent so much time and effort in him and you would still do everything for him. We are all convinced that Cicero would also go through a fire for you. Just now you formed the perfect couple, it's over.

In addition to this great adventure we still have precious and lasting friendships. We can only thank those who, next to Dirk, always stood behind Cicero and kept believing in him.  Thank you Hilde, you have always had the fullest confidence in him and registered the precious moments on comera. Also thanks to Dirk De Cree and Hanna, you gave him the best care and more than spoiled him. Of course we also have to thank the apple of our eye, Cicero, for the beautiful time he gave us. Now we hope to give him a happy life, however we are convinced that he will miss the action.

Cicero did not only show his qualities in the ring, but as a sire he is busy to leave his mark. His offspring possesses an unlimited power, a lot of elasticity and a very good attitude. After a favourable rehabilitation fresh semen of Cicero will be at the disposal of many breeders. For the breeding season of 2014 will be communicated later.


Indigo Zangersheide approved 


Cicero's gain places of honour
Kirr Royal 2nd in Médaille du Roi
Copyright Equpics
Cicero offspring performs
Albert Zoer - Gigolo © Roos Meertens
Cerits 2nd at Z-Festival, Ginnis day champion in Heusden
Cerits vd Veldekenshoeve Z