26/06/1993 | chestnut

Remondo Renaldo Remus I
First Lady Fruehlingstraum II
Granie Graphit Grande
Goldlady Gotthard


For our foundation mares Quechua and Rendez-Vous, it all started with the Hanoverian mare Granie, who was bought as a foal in Germany. Granie's full sister, Gromanique, was successful at S-dressage. Her other sister Goldene is the mother of the breeding stallion Lord Charles, who did very well in the Bundeschampionat and the St. Pr. Stute Goldbirke competed in international S jumping under Otto Becker.

In the BWP magazine of October 2004 Granie as a foundation mare was extensively discussed. (Click here to read the article)

The first foal that Granie gave us was Quechua van het Lindenhof (by Remondo), a beautiful chestnut mare with a lot of appearance, who guaranteed to deliver top jumpers.

Her first offspring, Cleopatra Z, is a daughter of Campus. Cleopatra is known as the dam of Ciska van Paemel Z, among others. This Cicero Z van Paemel daughter jumped up to 1m60 level under the Frenchman Aldrick Cheronnet. With Cicero, Cleopatra also gave Igor F, who is currently competing at 1m45 level under Canadian Jade Fowler and Florida van Paemel, who sadly passed away before being able to really break through with Dayro Arroyave.

Her second foal was born in combination with Darco, Uncle Sam. It was a very beautiful foal with a lot of jumping qualities. He won the 4-year-olds in Gesves, was ex aequo winner in the 5-year-olds and was 10th in the 6-year-olds. At the age of 7 he achieved several places of honor in 1m40 classes and ended up in America via Stephex. There he finished 4th in the Ontario Grand Prix the same year owned by Ashland Stables. Since then he has jumped in the big tests under Ashley Fleischhacker.

Her third foal was the stallion Versace (by Darco), who was sold to Canada where he immediately won the 5-year-old championship under Yann Candele. At the age of 6 he was 5th in the championship and he was accepted as a breeding stallion that same year. Quechua's daughter Winona van Paemel (by Darco) competed up to 1m50 level and won several international classes with Ignace Philips.

Barbarossa van Paemel (by Darco) became her most successful breeding product. As a 4-year-old he became 8th in the final in Gesves with 7 out of 8 clear rounds. The following year he became champion under Marc Bellemans after 10 clear rounds out of 10. His international breakthrough came with the Frenchman Aldrick Cheronnet. Under Aldrick he jumped up to 1m60 level, including a victory in the 1m60 Grand Prix of CSI4* Caserta and in a 1m50 class at the CSI Vidauban, a 2nd place in the Grand Prix of CSI2* San Sebastian and a 1m50 class at CSI3* Montpellier, a 3rd place in the Grand Prix of CSI Vichy, a 5th place in a 1m55 in CSI3* Montpellier, an 8th place in a 1m55 CSI5*-W London-Olympia,...

Her other son, Don Camillo van Paemel (by Darco) was AES approved as a young horse and achieved a 7th place in the test for young stallions at CSI Hasselt. Furthermore, he does not make a single jumping error in the cycle, but a time error caused him to miss out on the championship title in Gesves. In 2010 he made his debut with Thiago Ribas Da Costa, which resulted in a nice palmares with, among others, 3 victories in San Giovanni, Manerbio and Roosendaal in a short time before he was sold.

The Nonstop daughter Evita van Paemel produced in combination with Cicero Z van Paemel the 1m50 jumping Jazir van de Roshoeve, who is ridden by the Greek rider Hannah Mytilineou. Her sister Fortuna van Paemel (by Darco) produced the beautiful Jamaica van Paemel that same year. This descendant of Cicero Z van Paemel was sold as a young horse to the Canadian Mario Deslauriers, who competes at 1m60 level. In combination with Numero Uno, Fortuna also gave Malta van Paemel who is currently competing at 1m45 level. Her three-year-old son Cassius van Paemel Z (by Cicero Z van Paemel) got approved for the AES studbook this year and stands at stud at Hengstenhouderij Dekens.

Quechua's half sister, Rendez-Vous van Paemel, is the dam of the world famous breeding stallion Cicero Z van Paemel. The 22-year-old Carthago son belongs to the absolute top of the world's best sires. His descendants are numerous and distributed worldwide. Not surprising, because Cicero Z himself was more than creditable in the sport up to 1m60 level under Dirk Demeersman. Besides Cicero, Rendez-Vous also produced the 1m60 jumping Hawaï van Paemel (by Nonstop), the 1m60 jumping and Zangersheide approved Kingston van Paemel (by Numero Uno), the BWP approved Esperanto van Paemel (by Nonstop) and the AES approved Casanova van Paemel Z (by Casall). Her daughter Betina van Paemel (by Darco) also produced the BWP approved Che Guevara van Paemel Z (by Carthago Z), who competed up to 1m50 in China and the Zangersheide approved Mambo van Paemel (by Ugano Sitte).


  •  Cleopatra Z (s. Campus)
    • Cherie van Paemel (s. Qarco van het Graethemhof)
    • Ciska van Paemel Z (s. Cicero Z van Paemel) ISJ 1m60
    • Florida van Paemel (s. Cicero Z van Paemel) ISJ 1m40
    • Igor F (s. Cicero Z van Paemel) ISJ 1m45
    • Jes van Neigem (s. Cicero Z van Paemel)
      • Obelix de Guldenboom (s. Tobago Z) ISJ 1m40
      • Pagani (s. Thunder vd Zuuthoeve) NSJ 1m25
      • Querida AC (s. Tobago Z)
      • Reventon AC (s. Chaiton F Z)
      • Tavares AC (s. Balouto van Paemel Z)
      • Umberto AC (s. Balouto van Paemel Z)
      • Valentina AC (s. Balouto van Paemel Z)
    • Lucifer van Neigem (s. Galisco van Paemel) ISJ 1m30
    • Noblesse van Neigem (s. Cumthago C)
  • Uncle Sam (s. Darco) ISJ 1m45
  • Versace (s. Darco)
  • Winona van Paemel (s. Darco) ISJ 1m50
    • Cadarco Z (s. Casall ASK) NSJ 1m15
    • Coup de Foudre Z (s. Casall ASK)
    • Mojito di Villagana (s. Cornet Obolensky) ISJ 1m20
    • Onlyou di Villagana (s. Casall ASK)
    • Cyclone Oak Grove's Z (s. Cyrano du Ruisseau Z)
  • Calimero van Paemel Z (s. Carthago Z)
  • Barbarossa van Paemel (s. Darco)) ISJ 1m60
  • Céline van Paemel (s. Darco)
    • Graphit D'Eygendom (s. Vigo d'Arsouilles)
    • Iline D'Eygendom (s. Kashmir vh Schuttershof)
    • Jazmir D'Eygendom (s. Kashmir vh Schuttershof) AES approved - ISJ 1m40
    • Lejeune D'Eygendom (s. Vigo d'Arsouilles)
    • Maximus D'Eygendom (s. Verdi)
    • Olivia D'Eygendom (s. Tresor de Virton)
    • Pepper Mill Vdh (s. Tresor de Virton)
    • Romelu Vdh (s. Untouchable) NSJ 1m20
  • Don Camillo van Paemel (s. Darco) ISJ 1m60 - AES approved
  • Evita van Paemel (s. Nonstop)
    • Jazir van de Roshoeve (s. Cicero Z van Paemel) ISJ 1m50
    • One Love 23 (s. Cumthago C)
    • Petrus 23 (s. Le Diamant Horta)
    • Quartouche 23 (s. Karmel van de Watering)
    • Rafal 23 (s. Vannan)
    • Sixth Sense 23 (s. Vannan)
    • Jamaica van Paemel (s. Cicero Z van Paemel) ISJ 1m60
    • Kasparov van Paemel (s. Cicero Z van Paemel)
    • Malta van Paemel (s. Numero Uno) ISJ 1m45
    • J'Adore van Paemel Z (s. Jaguar van Paemel) NSJ 1m35
    • Java van Paemel Z (s. Jaguar van Paemel)
    • Chiquita van Paemel Z (s. Cicero Z van Paemel) NSJ 1m05
    • Corleone van Paemel Z (s. Cicero Z van Paemel)
    • Coccinelle van Paemel Z (s. Cicero Z van Paemel)
    • Cassius van Paemel Z (s. Cicero Z van Paemel) AES approved
    • Calvados van Paemel Z (s. Cicero Z van Paemel
    • Cruella van Paemel Z (s. Cicero Z van Paemel)
    • Charleston van Paemel Z (s. Cicero Z van Paemel)
    • in foal to Cicero Z van Paemel
  • Hannibal van Paemel (s. Darco) ISJ 1m40
  • Kalinka van Paemel (s. Numero Uno)
    • Catilina de Prevel Z (s. Cicero Z van Paemel)
  • Kenya van Paemel (E.T.) (s. Indoctro)
    • Obama by P&S (s. Douglas)
    • Pikachu De Painblanc (s. Edjaz van 't Merelsnest) NSJ 1m20
    • Loeki de Raspaille Z (s. Ligie's Goldstar V.V.)
  • Lollypop van Paemel (E.T.) (s. Numero Uno)
  • Nevada van Paemel (E.T.) (s. Jaguar van Paemel)
  • Nic Nac van Paemel (E.T.) (s. Jaguar van Paemel) AES approved - NSJ 1m30
  • Conslow of Course Z (s. Cascadello I)
  • Charlie of Course Z (s. Cascadello I)