Betina van Paemel

24/05/2001 | black brown

Darco Lugano van la Roche Lugano I
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Rendez-Vous van Paemel Randel Z
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Betina is the eldest daughter of our foundation mare Rendez-Vous van Paemel and was immediately used in breeding. Not without success as it turns out. Her first offspring was Che Guevara van Paemel Z (s. Carthago), who was approved for the BWP at the age of 3 and jumped up to 1m50 level in China under Hua Yang. A year later Cayenne van Paemel Z was born, one of the last offspring of Carthago Z. Because of her valuable genes she was also used directly as a broodmare. In combination with Numero Uno, Cayenne gave birth to a beautiful mare named Moulin Rouge van Paemel. Moulin Rouge is today jumping under the saddle of the Portuguese Duarte Seabra up to 1m50 level. Her handsome three-year-old son Kentucky van Paemel Z (s. Kannan) was approved this year for the SBS and is available at stud at Hengstenhouderij Dekens.

Mambo van Paemel (s. Ugano Sitte) was also approved by Studbook Zangersheide. The stallion, born in 2012, showed great things during the stallion competition under Filip Lacus and was ridden up to 1m40 by Aldrick Cheronnet, resulting in several classifications before being sold.

Her daughter Isis van Paemel is a blood-made mare with a lot of charisma and character. She showed great promise under saddle, but breeding was given priority. Combined with Baloubet du Rouet, Isis gave the Zangersheide approved Balouto van Paemel Z. The eight-year-old Balouto is a modern stallion with a golden character. Stationed at Hengstenhouderij Dekens, he was trained by Frederik Dekens until he was seven years old. As a four-year-old he already did well with 4 clear rounds in the stallion competition and seven clear rounds in the cycle resulting in an 11th place in the final standings. As a five-year-old Balouto stood out for his regularity. He jumped to a 2nd place in the final of the stallion competition and claimed the final win in the STX cycle for five-year-old horses. As a six-year-old he became 4th in the stallion competition in Lier and he finished in 10th place in the STX cycle competition in Dilbeek. As a seven-year-old, our blood-made stallion moved to Andres Vereecke's stables. At the Mediterranean Equestrian Tour in Oliva, the new combination already jumped to victory in a 1m35 class, in Valkenswaard they placed 3rd in the final and 7th in the seven-year-old horses and in Bonheiden they gained a 4th and 7th place. Balouto also became a finalist of the Belgian Championship for seven-year-old horses and showed a lot of potential during the World Championship for Young Horses in Zangersheide. In the first months of his eighth year of life, he achieved his first victory in a 1m40 class during CSI3* Opglabbeek and already had many other placings.

Jinx van Paemel (s. Numero Uno) gave in combination with Jaguar van Paemel the now eight-year-old Otis Blue AC/WB. This gelding has clearly inherited the scope and suppleness from his father and is a feast for the eyes under the saddle of the Danish rider Kristian Skovrider. The combination jumps up to 1m45 level and as a six-year-old became champion of the six-year-old horses during the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida.

Betina herself is of course the half sister of the world famous Cicero Z van Paemel. The now 22-year-old Cicero Z succeeds his legendary sire Carthago Z as top progenitor and, like him, is a supplier of complete sport horses with a fantastic attitude. Not surprising, because Cicero Z himself was also more than deserving in the sport. Under the saddle of Dirk Demeersman, the impressive gray stallion jumped to victory in the CSI3* Grand Prix of Aalst, the Sires of the World, and the main class of CSI Antwerp. In addition, the duo recorded numerous placings in World Cups, Nations Cups and other Grand Prix.

Cicero Z also shoots up like an arrow in the most recent stallion rankings. The stallion owes this spectacular increase to the sporting results of his oldest sons and daughters. Everyone knows the established names such as Julyssi van Orti (Pieter Devos), Icos (Nicola Philippaerts), Fenia van Klapscheut (Marcel Marschall), Gautcho da Quinta (Catherine van Roosbroeck) and Izzy by Picobello (Bertram Allen), but Cicero Z has 150 offspring who jump internationally higher than 1m45 and more than 20 approved stallions! The stallion is widely praised because his offspring not only have excellent jumping qualities, their character and attitude are also a huge plus.

There is also Hawaï van Paemel (s. Nonstop). After several placings in regional grand prizes, she was sold via Gilbert De Roock and Eric Lamaze to the Canadian rider David Arcand. With Arcand she jumped at 1m50 level and she won a.o. a 1m40 class in Wellington and became 9th in a 1m45 in Vilamoura. In her first 1m60 Grand Prix she had an unlucky fault. Because of these promising results, Hawaii was sold to junior rider Cate Tomlinson.

Her half-brother Kingston van Paemel (s. Numero Uno) was approved by Studbook Zangersheide. As a five-year-old he managed to jump clear of the heats in the pavo stallion competition and thus ended up in the final. There he came in 4th place in the final ranking. As a six-year-old he also did very well in this stallion competition. The reactive stallion took the victory in Sentower and came second in the final. This ultimately resulted in a nice 4th place in the final standings. Kingston moved to the stables of Frenchman Aldrick Cheronnet at the end of 2018. With Aldrick he became 3rd and 7th in the 1m50 Grand Prix of Valencia and 10th in a 1m50 class in St. Tropez. At the beginning of this year, Andres Vereecke took over the reins from Kingston.

In addition, Rendez-Vous also produced the BWP approved stallion Esperanto van Paemel (s. Nonstop) who competed up to 1m45 level before being sold to France. In combination with Numero Uno, both Luna van Paemel and Nikita van Paemel Z were born. Both mares jump(ed) under the saddle of Jelle Limbourg. Luna is now jumping at 1m40 level, where she shows an enormous will to stay clear. Nikita jumped six clear rounds out of eight entries in the STX young horse cycle as a five-year-old, finishing in 88th place in the standings. As a six-year-old she jumped four times double clear and thus qualified for the Belgian Championship. She was sold afterwards.

In the damline we also find Quechua (s. Remondo), who guaranteed the delivery of top show jumpers. Uncle Sam (s. Darco) jumped at Grand Prix level in America and Winona (s. Darco) jumped successfully up to 1m50 level in Italy under Ignace Philips. Barbarossa van Paemel (s. Darco) performed up to 1m60 level and achieved several victories and places of honor in Grand Prix under the Frenchman Aldrick Cheronnet. Versace (s. Darco) became champion of the 5-year-olds in Canada and Don Camillo van Paemel (s. Darco) is an AES approved stallion, who achieved a nice list of achievements under Thiago Ribas Da Costa with 3 victories in San Giovanni, Manerbio and Roosendaal before he was sold.


  • Che Guevara van Paemel Z (s. Carthago Z) ISJ 1m50 - BWP approved
  • Cayenne van Paemel Z (s. Carthago Z)
    • Kyra van Paemel (s. Numero Uno)
      • Easy Star Devil (s. Quartz du Chanu) ISJ 1m45 - SF approved
    • La Bamba van Paemel (s. Numero Uno)
    • Moulin Rouge van Paemel (s. Numero Uno) ISJ 1m50
    • Necco van Paemel (s. Numero Uno)
    • Obelix van Paemel (s. Esperanto van Paemel)
    • Cheetah van Paemel Z (s. Cardento VDL) NSJ 1m30
    • Kahlua van Paemel Z (s. Kannan) NSJ 1m20
    • Kentucky van Paemel Z (s. Kannan) SBS approved
    • Chocoloco van Paemel Z (s. Casall)
    • Donald Duck van Paemel Z (s. Dominator 2000 Z)
    • in foal to Dominator 2000 Z
  • Hidalgo van Paemel (s. Lord Z) NSJ 1m25
  • Isis van Paemel (s. Colman)
    • Mojito van Paemel (s. Ugano Sitte)
    • Balouto van Paemel Z (s. Baloubet du Rouet) ISJ 1m45 - Z approved
    • Jumanji van Paemel Z (s. Jaguar van Paemel)
    • Kiss Me Quick van Paemel Z (s. Kannan) NSJ 1m20
    • Chicago van Paemel Z (s. Casall)
    • Cherry Moon van Paemel Z (s. Casall)
    • Ecuador van Paemel Z (s. Emerald)
    • in foal to For Pleasure
  • Jinx van Paemel (s. Numero Uno)
    • Otis Blue AC/WB (s. Jaguar van Paemel)  ISJ 1m45
    • Pegasus Blue AC/WB (s. Jaguar van Paemel)
    • Querido Blue AC/WB (s. Jaguar van Paemel) ISJ 1m30
    • Sirius AC/WB (s. Chaiton F Z)
    • Tasaga AC/WB (s. Casago)
    • Una Casall AC/WB (v. Casall ASK)
  • Kinky van Paemel (s. Numero Uno)
    • Jago van Paemel Z (s. Jaguar van Paemel)
    • Jazira van Paemel Z (s. Jaguar van Paemel) NSJ 1m20
    • Chica van Paemel Z (s. Casall)
    • Callista van Paemel Z (s. Casall)
    • Mickey Mouse van Paemel Z (s. Mylord Carthago)
    • in foal to Mylord Carthago
  • Loco van Paemel (s. Ugano Sitte)
  • Mambo van Paemel (s. Ugano Sitte) ISJ 1m40 - Z approved
  • Jukebox van Paemel Z (s. Jaguar van Paemel)  ISJ 1m30
  • Jetset van Paemel Z (s. Jaguar van Paemel) NSJ 1m10
  • Jingle Bells van Paemel Z (s. Jaguar van Paemel)
  • Katinka van Paemel Z (s. Kannan) NSJ 1m20
  • Kobalt van Paemel Z (s. Kannan)
  • Cappuccino van Paemel Z (E.T.) (s. Casall)
  • Chablis van Paemel Z (E.T.) (s. Casall)
  • Chardonnay van Paemel Z (E.T.) (s. Casall)
  • Corsica van Paemel Z (E.T.) (s. Casall)
  • in foal to Jaguar van Paemel